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Welcome to The Caravan Library Of Lore, sit by our fire and hear tales of old every Tuesday at 6pm PST. 

Nov 8, 2017

Linda Godfrey the renowned author and researcher of Cryptids and paranormal subjects shares some time with us at the Caravan to tell a couple tales from her latest book 'Monster Among Us' Find her books at and most Brick and Mortar stores. Visit her for more info at

Oct 18, 2017

Tonight we are joined by the one and only Shanpire Legro. We talk about Vampire Movies, The failure of watching Stranger Things and the waffle, The movie IT, John Wayne Gasey pogo the clown paintings, Ryan Sprague and the Plaid Man, Jennifers 5 star dinner, Shake-N-Bake, Brurning Man high Drunk and Naked, Phobias...