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Welcome to The Caravan Library Of Lore, sit by our fire and hear tales of old every Tuesday at 6pm PST. 

Sep 27, 2017

Join us as we speak with L'aura about the beings and spirits that are here to help us and the light energy within Mt. Shasta.

Sep 19, 2017

Join us as we speak to a fellow Chicago native about something strange he saw in the sky that still upsets him to this day.

Sep 12, 2017

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, to a dark night when we learned that everything is not always as it seems. 

Sep 5, 2017

Welcome to our first episode of The Caravan, Library of Lore. Vance and Jennifer are paranormal experiancers and truth seekers. In this first episode you are taken on Vance's journey that led him down this paranormal road. So sit back and enjoy as we step into, The Farmhouse.


Intro/outro music credit Ross Bugden