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Welcome to The Caravan Library Of Lore, sit by our fire and hear tales of old every Tuesday at 6pm PST. 

Dec 6, 2017

On tonights episode we take you back in time to the days of the acrylic ranch when we spoke about UFO's. 

Nov 29, 2017

This episode looks into the latest flying humanoid flap out of Chicago with Lon Strickler. He also shares the strange events going on at the Farm in Lancaster County PA. Some activities are simular to Skinwalker Ranch UT. Look for Lon's newest book release: Mothman Dynasty Chicago's Winged Humanoids Find Lon Strickler...

Nov 22, 2017

Join us Tonight as we speak with renowned Sasquatch researcher Tom Sewid. Tom has been an avid bushman most his life and is on a mission to find Sasquatch and share the legend with the world

Nov 15, 2017

On tonight's episode we have the pleasure with speaking with Sean Forker, Bobby Reich and Jera Best. We discuss the current on goings with facebook placing Shannon Legro of Into The Fray Radio into a lock down as well as hearing several brand new and recent experiences. 

Nov 8, 2017

Linda Godfrey the renowned author and researcher of Cryptids and paranormal subjects shares some time with us at the Caravan to tell a couple tales from her latest book 'Monster Among Us' Find her books at and most Brick and Mortar stores. Visit her for more info at