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Welcome to The Caravan Library Of Lore, sit by our fire and hear tales of old every Tuesday at 6pm PST. 

Jul 18, 2018

Christopher Garetano was born a storyteller with the passion of filmaking sparking when he was young.  At the age of 4 he had The Golden Book Of The Mysterious and became enchanted by story's such as Sleepy Hollow and television shows like Outer Limits and In Search Of. Inspiring him to dive into the mysteries of our paranormal world and bring the stories to our own screens. With his most recent being Montauk Chronicles which dives into the mysteries surrounding a hidden underground base on long island, said to have conducted mind control experiments. In this episode of  The Caravan,  we get to hear about some of his own personal experiences with the paranormal , what inspires him and learn about new mysteries such as the Coral Castle.